Police Body Camera

There is growing pressure across the country to equip police officers with body-worn cameras, driven by a belief that the technology will reduce unwarranted use of force by police and is also likely to lower the incidence of assaults on police.

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1180P Full HD Resolution Video Quality

Atatry Police body camera is a body worn high-definition video recorder for law enforcement .

Supporting true HD 1080p Video, With 140 degrees angle lens ,it can capture more action.

HD-01 can record over 8 hours of video on a single charge an hold up to 128 hours of video on 32GB of memory. With the press of a single button recording can start even from the off position. And the police camera features watermarks of User Id and Date/time.

16 Megapixel Camera

Arriving at the scense of an accident or crime, Atatry police body worn camera allows officer to take pictures swiftly even while the camera is recording a video in Night Vision / Full Color mode.

Atatry police Body Camera's features  a 16 megapixal camera with Burst Mode, 3 or 5 pictures

Additional Features

Night Vision Recording
Atatry police body worn camera features 2 infrared Lights for lowlight or night-time situations.LEDs is located at the side of the unit making it easy to operate.

Audio / Voice Recorder
Atatry police body worn camera can also be used voice recorder when necessary.

Instant Playback
Atatry police body worn camera provide instant playback allowing officer to review videos or images at anytime on a 2 inches LCD display, Plus, for videos, user can Pause, Rewind or Forward at a maximun 0f 8x speed.

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