Hunting Trail Camera

Atatry hunting trail camera has the necessary gear to see clearly in low light, bad weather ,long distances ,day and night.

Game scouting cameras let you keep tabs on animal activity at your favorite hunting spot all year long.

Its wide field view is similar to the vision field of the human eye.

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Image Quality

Image sensor & Video Resolution

16-Megapixel high-quality resolution,Shooting 1920*1080P Video with sound Atatry Trail Cameras Series 0f ( HC-700 ,HC-600 ,HC-550 ,HC-350 ).
The picture resolution can be 12mp, 8mp or 5mp. Video resolution can be 1080p, 720p or VGA.
Atatry Trail Cameras Series 0f ( HC-300 ,HC-500 ,HT-002 ,HT-001 ).

-Infrared Fill Light
High quality IR LEDs provides enough brightness for night vision shooting ,take clear pictures of animals even in the dark.
-View Shooting
Hign stand lens help to capture a wonderful picture
(Atatruy HC-700 ,HC-600)
Lens :    F=3.1; FOV=120 °

Better image quality , Much more good captured photos and videos 。

Wireless 3G

Using Atatry’s 3G SMS/MMS/Email/ Hunting Camera ( HC500G,HC-550G,HC600G ,HC-700G,HT-002LIG).you can get all information in time ,send and manage game camera images captured in the field from your mobile device anytime

SMS Remote Control ,GPRS transmission (Data transfer by email) ,MMS to phone ,MMS to e-mail (MMS and SMTP via 2G/3G network )

HC600M/HC600G is belong to 2G/3G model with MMS/SMTP function can work automatically day and night.During daytime it begins to take color photos and video till light is not enough,then it begins to take monochrome photos video.
Triggered by any movement of human (or animals) in a certain region onitored by motion sensor,and then automatically captures pictures (up to 16M pixels) or records 1080p or HD video clips (WVGA or QVGA).


Atatry Camera Can Detect Movement From 65 Feet Away

Atatry Trail Camera Can Detect Movement From 65 Feet Away,which is 10 feet better than mosst trail cameras.

PIR SENSOR reaction distance /Max Night Vision Lighting Distance  : 20m /65ft
PIR Sensor Sight Angle :    120 Degrees
Periodic shot :1Second~24Hours

The Atatry HC-600 infrared night vision hunting camera  has a wide detection angle,trigger speed is 0.5 seconds, which is quick enough to capture an animal running mid-frame.

Three mode: camera, video, camera+video.

Addition Feature

Atatry Camera Can Take 2 or 3 Pictures in Rapid Succession

The Atatry hunting cameras have a multi-shot mode takes two or three pictures in rapid succession after a single trigger.When the camera senses movement, it moves to the left, right of center zone and takes a picture of the animal that caused the trigger.

Date,time,moon phase,temperature can be stamped on the pictures,Date,time on video.Serial Number function enables you to code locations in the photos.Support Interval and timer function. Support multiple shots (1/3/6/9) + video (10/30/60/90s) mode

Wildlife trail camera for hunting,Farm and forestry security monitoring, Animal or event observations.

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