Atatry is a famous worldwide supplier of hunting trail camera,action camera and body camera . Taking OEM manufactoring as it is main business .

Basic prodcuts: Trail hunting camera,scouting camera,MMS hunting camera, GSM wildlife camera ,game camera ,sport camera,police camera .Aim at supplying good quality and environment-friendly cameras .

Quality Control:Innovative design,professional manufacturing , pretise marketing  , high technology team and a perfect management system,Making high quality products at competitive price and can ensure that every shipment were qualified.

Based on the principle of “Human-oriented,Quality the first” to build up the equal and mutual benefits bussiness relationship with all our clients .

I think we need to keep in mind that the Atatry  hunting camera, action camera , body camera is really a service line to worming up YOU to be bigger and more fruitful opportunities .

General FAQ

Reatil & Wholesale online : You can buy camera dierectly from Store . We aways have spare existing cameras in stock .

OEM Service:

OEM service: your request packing box, custom logo on camera and new camera color can be offerred ,

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All Atatry cameras provide a 2-year warranty.

Mini-SIM, 25x15mmx0.76mm

(Insert sim card firstly, turn on the camera from OFF to TEST. SIM card operator name will display on the screen)

1. Copy the bin file to SD card.

2. Insert the SD card into the camera.

3. Power on the camera (Test Mode).

4. The camera will read it and update itself automatically. When updating the camera, its screen is black.

5. The screen will light on after being finished.

6. Plug out the SD card, then insert it into pc, delete the bin file in the

SD card (If you don’t do this, the camera will enter update mode when

power on again).

7. Insert the SD card into the camera for its working

Hunting Trail Cameras FAQ

1. Waterproof and can stand the low can high temperature .

2. Hunting cameras need have short trigger time .

3. Audio function is better for hear the ral yell of animals .


High Quality , Reasonable Price ,Responsible After Sales

Why Hunting Trail Cameras takes continuous images of no object ?

A camera has what is known as a false trigger if the PIR sensor thinks that there is motion and heat in front of the camera lens when there is no subject in the image.

If you place the Hunting Trail Cameras in an environment where there is motion associated with tree branches creating motion in front of the camera or an area where there is high heat in the foreground.

Therefore, try moving the Trail Cameras to an area that does not have any of these issues or try changing the sensor level on the menu settings.

1.Battery life depends on temperature and number of images that the Hunting Trail Cameras taken.

2.Poor quality SD cards can make your Trail Cameras have a much shorter battery life,so make sure that you are using a good quality SD card in your Trail Cameras.

3.Any type of MMS Trail Cameras will have a shorter battery life.

You will get the best photos when the subject is within the ideal flash range, subjects may appear too light at closer distances.940nm Black IR may be better choice.